Omero API

OMERO API Reference Documentation.

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A. Core System 
Package Description
Contains the central verbs of the Omero System.
Provides the necessary container structure for the entire Omero system.
General metrics registry for use by all server-side components.
C. Client Packages 
Package Description
D. Server Packages 
Package Description
Runtime source annotation package for the OMERO server This includes classes that annotate source code and check metadata at runtime for server API calls.
Non-client service API for OMERO This includes interfaces for the local administration of the OMERO server.
New Input/Output handling for the OMERO server This includes interfaces/classes for the input and output handling of data within the OMERO server.
The central repository of implementations which will be accessible through this server.
JBoss and OMERO security handling This includes classes that provide security for the execution and usage of the OMERO server on a JBoss platform.
Basic OMERO security contextual classes Basic classes that provide security context objects necessary to secure the implementation of the OMERO server on a JBoss platform.
Extensible service and security policies which can influence whether a user, group, or other agent can perform a certain action.
Base services package for OMERO API services This includes classes that implement OMERO API services described as interfaces in the OMERO Common component.
Implementations of the ome.api.IDelete service.
Helpers for implementing the necessary interfaces from Bio-Formats for mapping OMERO objects (ome.model.*) to OME-XML and OME-TIFF
All necessary classes for background indexing of metadata and attached binary files.
Custom FieldBridge implementations which can be configured to be run on each indexing activity.
Server classes for handling complicated graphs of model objects.
General mail services.
Message implementations used throughout the server for internal communication.
Internal process and process management This includes interfaces and classes that provide thread process management for internal processes critical to the operation of the OMERO server.
Script processor infrastructure.
facilitates the creation of Hibernate Queries and Criteria.
Internal search implementation classes.
ome.api.IShare support infrastructure.
Helper classes to support OMERO service beans Instead of abstract classes, IOC methods and dependency injection is used to provide service interception for the Service (binary) bean classes.
OMERO Server Utility and Spring/Hibernate Tools Classes/Interfaces that implement File, Hibernate, Spring, Annotation, Hierarchy, etc. method mechanics for the OMERO server Related Documentation For more information, please see: TODO
Hibernate specific tools for the OMERO Server Classes/Interfaces that implement Hibernate method mechanics for the OMERO server Related Documentation For more information, please see: TODO
Life Science Identifier (LSID) tools Classes/Interfaces that manage conversions and creation of LSID unique identifiers Related Documentation For more information, please see: TODO
OMERO Server tools specific to Spring Classes/Interfaces that implement AOP, Post-processing injection, session flushing, and factory management.
G. Rendering Engine 
Package Description
Red-Green-Blue (RGB) data structures and Image Rendering Service This package provides basic data structures to represent an RGB pixel set and provide a service for the rendering of this pixel set.
Provides codomain pixel set data structures for Maps and Contexts.
Provides classes needed to define XY planes within a dynamic 3D context.  
H. Utilities 
Package Description
Plane geometry data structures for OMERO This includes a several implementations of various two dimensional simple geometry classes to represent these structures within the OMERO system.
Dynamic object instance and state management for OMERO This includes various implementations of copy and clonable operations.
Messages package for specialized exception handling for OMERO.  
Other Packages 
Package Description
OME I/O: a library for OME database import, upload and download.  
mechanism for determing which potential filesets should be excluded from import.
mechanism for shipping client-side files to the server-side.