bioformats  5.1.3
Namespace List
Here is a list of all documented namespaces with brief descriptions:
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 NomeOpen Microscopy Environment C++ implementation
 NbioformatsBio-Formats image reading and writing
 NdetailImplementation details
 NtiffTIFF implementation details
 NinReader implementations
 NtiffTIFF file format (libtiff wrapper)
 NcommonOME compatibility functions and classes
 NxmlXerces-C modern C++ wrapper
 NdomDomain object model
 NqtwidgetsQt5 widgets for image display with OpenGL
 NglOpenGL rendering
 Nv20OpenGL v2.0 (compatibility profile)
 NglslOpenGL Shader Language (GLSL) program wrappers
 Nv110GLSL v1.10 compatible
 NxmlOME-XML Data Model
 NmetaMetadata storage and retrieval
 NmodelModel objects
 NdetailImplementation details
 NenumsModel enumerations
 NprimitivesModel primitive data types