u-track 2.1.1 Downloads

  • The software is currently distributed as a source code bundle and requires MATLAB to be installed with some toolboxes described in the PDF documentation.


Source Code Size File Name Checksum
Zipped Source Code 20.48 MB u-track-2.1.1.zip 5d6183 (MD5)
  • To use u-track with OMERO, you will need to download the OMERO.matlab toolbox for the same OMERO release number as your server from the OMERO downloads folders in addition to the zipped code.

  • To get started, download the zipped code, unextract it and add it with its subfolders to your MATLAB path. Then launch the software by entering movieSelectorGUI at the MATLAB command prompt.

Previous versions

  • We recommend that you always use the most recent release version of the u-track software, but if you need to use a previous version, they are all available from the main downloads folder.