OMERO.searcher 0.1.0

  • OMERO.searcher provides the ability to search for images in OMERO by their content rather than just by their annotations. At present it is not recommended for production use.

  • More information can be found on the Open Microscopy Partners Page, and on the Murphy Lab software page.

  • Source code and the latest development version can always be found on GitHub.


File Size File Name Checksum
OMERO.searcher download 33.11 KB omero_searcher-0.1.0-b22.tar.gz 97c193 (MD5)
pyslid download 34.26 KB pyslid-0.1.0-b22.tar.gz f4a805 (MD5)
ricerca download 17.12 KB ricerca-1.1.3-b22.tar.gz 3bd2ed (MD5)