OMERO tutorial

German Bioimaging meeting

online meeting in M√ľnster, July 2020
OME Team


  • How does OME Team do trainings?
  • How can you do OME trainings?
  • How to set up a server for training?
  • What should OME user know?
  • Features to attract OME users?

OME trainings

  • Public materials
  • Available online during and after workshop
  • All content is in omero-guides
  • Public data on training server
  • Training server set up in a transparent manner

Public materials

OMERO guide

Training server: public data

Prepare training server

Prepare the training: 1

  • Set a date
  • Book a room
  • Test internet connection inside the room
  • Check that OMERO.insight imports an image from the training room
  • Think about what setup you need, whether you ask users to bring their laptop

Prepare the training: 2

What should OME user know ?

Thank you