Apps for Extending OMERO.web

OME Paris 2015

Will Moore | Ola Tarkowska


  • What's new in OMERO.web?
  • The OMERO.web framework
  • Creating an OMERO.web app
  • Example apps
    • OMERO.figure

What's new in OMERO.web?

  • Search UI Demo on youtube
  • Map annotations
  • Preview panel
  • Image viewer
  • Robot Framework Selenium tests
  • OMERO.figure 1.1

Robot Framework
Selenium Tests

# E.g. Run rdef tests on Chrome:

$ ./ -f components/tests/ui/build.xml web-chrome -DTEST=rdef_test.txt

Robot Framework
Selenium Tests

Daily Test Results


OMERO.web framework

OMERO.web documentation

webgateway API

See WebGateway documentation

Create an OMERO.web app

Show a Dataset of images

  url( r'^dataset/(?P<datasetId>[0-9]+)/$', views.dataset ),
  def dataset(request, datasetId, conn=None, **kwargs):
    ds = conn.getObject("Dataset", datasetId)
    return render(request, "dataset.html", {"dataset": ds})

  <!-- dataset.html -->

    <h1>{{ dataset.getName }}</h1>

    {% for i in dataset.listChildren %}
      <img src="{% url 'webgateway.views.render_thumbnail' %}" />
      {{ i.getName }}
    {% endfor %}

See Creating an app documentation

App examples

Webclient plugins

Webclient plugins

  • webtest examples included in OMERO.web:

$ bin/omero config append omero.web.ui.right_plugins
        '["ROIs", "webtest/webclient_plugins/right_plugin.rois.js.html", "image_roi_tab"]'



Services used by OMERO.figure

OMERO.figure tech


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