OMERO.figure (update) & (new)

11th March 2014
Will Moore


  • Features: rotation, page size etc
  • Urls: no #
  • Test Scenarios: Saving figures
  • gh-pages
  • Public (static) OMERO.figure demo

  • 'Gallery' style UI for browsing P/D/I
  • Prototype from before Paris 2013
  • Updated with bootstrap.css
  • Next steps?

New features

  • Panel rotation
  • Page set up
  • Panel resolution (DPI)
  • Sort "File -> Open" list
  • Show figure name
  • Hidden Feature: Images from remote server (E.g. JCB)

Urls no #hash

  • Previously: /figure/#figure/123
  • Now: /figure/file/123
  • Urls safer for re-direction (login etc)

Test Scenarios

  • Mostly 'Save' scenarios
  • Test that files are not lost
  • For example, close browser, hit back button etc

Github pages

  • Uses template from github
  • Edit html & push for instant update

Live Static Demo with JCB Data

  • Base Url is saved for external images (hidden feature)
  • Static links to css, js
  • Disable 'Save' etc
  • Static hosted json for file list and figures

  • Many users want a 'public' web gallery
  • Browse P/D/I (no editing, annotations etc)
  • Also an alternative UI for regular users
  • Show Groups as top level of hierarchy
  • Next steps?