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Options that modify GraphModify2 request execution. By default, a user’s related “”orphaned”” objects are typically included in a request’s operation. These options override that behavior, allowing the client to specify whether to always or never include given kinds of child object regardless of if they are orphans. For annotations, each override is limited to specific annotation namespaces. (If no namespaces are specified, defaults apply according to the configuration of the graph request factory.)

class omero.cmd.graphs.ChildOption(includeType=None, excludeType=None, includeNs=None, excludeNs=None)

Bases: Ice.Object

How GraphModify2 requests should deal with kinds of children, related to the target objects. By default, it is usual for only orphans to be operated on. At least one of includeType or excludeType must be used; if a type matches both, then it is included. No more than one of includeNs and excludeNs may be used.

_ice_type = <IcePy.TypeInfo object at 0x1193f210>
static ice_staticId()
class omero.cmd.graphs.ChildOptionPrx

Bases: IcePy.ObjectPrx

static checkedCast(proxy, facetOrCtx=None, _ctx=None)
static uncheckedCast(proxy, facet=None)